Cart n Haul has established itself in the online retail market map, yet with a standalone unique difference!
Not just in the services that it offers, but also in its Social and Economic Work Policy. We are not the archetype corporate. We are providing the mainstay to those in need!

The owners of this fast-growing business have innovative and exciting ideas towards global expansion and in so doing, they are mindful of the many people who have been left unemployed due to a myriad of circumstances, Covid 19, being one of the biggest influences.
At Cart n Haul, we don’t want to only consider lining our own pockets! Of course, every business aims to grow and reflect great profits for those at the top of the corporate ladder!

However, where we are different is that we want to engage with the single hard-working parents out there who are trying so hard to find employment but are being overlooked and left behind. We are well aware of the many single mothers who have little mouths to feed and will do so at all cost, holding down three jobs sometimes. We understand how tough it is out there!
Are you a single unemployed mom or dad with a strong work ethos? Do you have the drive and burning desire to join a motivated team of people willing to come on board, roll up your sleeves and create a win win situation!

We are throwing out a lifeline to those single moms and dads, women who are sole bread winners battling to make ends meet, to grab the opportunity that we can offer you, be it working night shifts, chauffeuring products to our valued concierges and curating the processes along the order to delivery chain.
We want to create jobs and contribute towards closing the gap of unemployment and in turn help those who are struggling, so that this domino affect will be our way of paying our success forward.
So just when you think that there is no hope and the opportunity barrel has been scraped to its maximum, we invite high energy, motivated and reliable people to come forward and engage with us. We will place you in a position that is as geographically close to your home as possible (plus minus 10km radius).

We are sourcing from the following areas……………….

If you believe in service excellence, please email a detailed CV with your contact details to……………
Cart n Haul prescribes to charter good governance and aims to uplift social and economic opportunities. Let us assist you in growing with us!
Join our esteemed team!
Our ladder provides steps to opportunities!

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