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Call Stack
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61.132077036480require_once( '/var/www/vhosts/cartandhaul.co.za/httpdocs/wp-content/themes/ekommart/inc/merlin-config.php ).../functions.php:26
71.132077036536Ekommart_Merlin_Config->__construct( ).../merlin-config.php:998
81.132077036536Ekommart_Merlin_Config->init( ).../merlin-config.php:8
91.132877043656Merlin->__construct( $config = ['directory' => 'inc/merlin', 'merlin_url' => 'merlin', 'parent_slug' => 'themes.php', 'capability' => 'manage_options', 'dev_mode' => TRUE, 'license_step' => FALSE, 'license_required' => FALSE, 'license_help_url' => '', 'edd_remote_api_url' => '', 'edd_item_name' => '', 'edd_theme_slug' => ''], $strings = ['admin-menu' => 'Theme Setup', 'title%s%s%s%s' => '%1$s%2$s Themes &lsaquo; Theme Setup: %3$s%4$s', 'return-to-dashboard' => 'Return to the dashboard', 'ignore' => 'Disable this wizard', 'btn-skip' => 'Skip', 'btn-next' => 'Next', 'btn-start' => 'Start', 'btn-no' => 'Cancel', 'btn-plugins-install' => 'Install', 'btn-child-install' => 'Install', 'btn-content-install' => 'Install', 'btn-import' => 'Import', 'btn-license-activate' => 'Activate', 'btn-license-skip' => 'Later', 'license-header%s' => 'Activate %s', 'license-header-success%s' => '%s is Activated', 'license%s' => 'Enter your license key to enable remote updates and theme support.', 'license-label' => 'License key', 'license-success%s' => 'The theme is already registered, so you can go to the next step!', 'license-json-success%s' => 'Your theme is activated! Remote updates and theme support are enabled.', 'license-tooltip' => 'Need help?', 'welcome-header%s' => 'Welcome to %s', 'welcome-header-success%s' => 'Hi. Welcome back', 'welcome%s' => 'This wizard will set up your theme, install plugins, and import content. It is optional &amp; should take only a few minutes.', 'welcome-success%s' => 'You may have already run this theme setup wizard. If you would like to proceed anyway, click on the &quot;Start&quot; button below.', 'child-header' => 'Install Child Theme', 'child-header-success' => 'You&#039;re good to go!', 'child' => 'Let&#039;s build &amp; activate a child theme so you may easily make theme changes.', 'child-success%s' => 'Your child theme has already been installed and is now activated, if it wasn&#039;t already.', 'child-action-link' => 'Learn about child themes', 'child-json-success%s' => 'Awesome. Your child theme has already been installed and is now activated.', 'child-json-already%s' => 'Awesome. Your child theme has been created and is now activated.', 'plugins-header' => 'Install Plugins', 'plugins-header-success' => 'You&#039;re up to speed!', 'plugins' => 'Let&#039;s install some essential WordPress plugins to get your site up to speed.', 'plugins-success%s' => 'The required WordPress plugins are all installed and up to date. Press &quot;Next&quot; to continue the setup wizard.', 'plugins-action-link' => 'Advanced', 'import-header' => 'Import Content', 'import' => 'Let&#039;s import content to your website, to help you get familiar with the theme.', 'import-action-link' => 'Advanced', 'ready-header' => 'All done. Have fun!', 'ready%s' => 'Your theme has been all set up. Enjoy your new theme by %s.', 'ready-action-link' => 'Extras', 'ready-big-button' => 'View your website', 'ready-link-1' => '<a href="https://wordpress.org/support/" target="_blank">Explore WordPress</a>', 'ready-link-2' => '<a href="https://themebeans.com/contact/" target="_blank">Get Theme Support</a>', 'ready-link-3' => '<a href="https://cartandhaul.co.za/wp-admin/customize.php">Start Customizing</a>'] ).../merlin-config.php:105
101.133677062080Merlin_Logger::get_instance( ).../class-merlin.php:300
111.133677062176Merlin_Logger->__construct( $log_path = ???, $name = ??? ).../class-merlin-logger.php:46
121.133777062760Merlin_Logger->initialize_logger( ).../class-merlin-logger.php:74
131.133777063000spl_autoload_call( $class_name = 'Monolog\\Handler\\StreamHandler' ).../class-merlin-logger.php:87
141.133777063096Composer\Autoload\ClassLoader->loadClass( $class = 'Monolog\\Handler\\StreamHandler' ).../class-merlin-logger.php:87
151.133877063288Composer\Autoload\includeFile( $file = '/var/www/vhosts/cartandhaul.co.za/httpdocs/wp-content/themes/ekommart/inc/merlin/vendor/composer/../monolog/monolog/src/Monolog/Handler/StreamHandler.php' ).../ClassLoader.php:322